Posters and animation submission for the exhibition by Designers Speak (Up) : Wahine Toi Aotearoa
Prompted by Bryn Fenemor’s poster “He said, he said, he said…” (March 2019, Designers Speak (Up)) I got to thinking about all of the things ‘he’ has said to me in a professional context. “You know — for a female designer, you’re pretty good,” was intended as a compliment during a one-one job interview — circa 2004. I’ve never forgotten it, and know that some men (and some women) still refer to gender when judging the work of others. For me, this comment demonstrates how patriarchal culture manifests against women in the workplace in subtle and devastating ways. I like the idea that over time (and 15 years of work) I am able to parse and distort his words and watch their meaning shift and change for better.
— Emma Rogan, 2019
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